How to Grow Sales, Jobs, or Tax Revenues

Businesses need sales. Families depend on jobs. Schools, police, government require tax revenues.

Growing them is Job One for cities, towns, downtowns, neighborhoods, and chambers. Because sales, jobs, and taxes are what pay for everything else.

The places that do best are those that have been well marketed to stores, offices, industry, shoppers, tourists, families, or investors.

If you want your city, downtown, or neighborhood to do better, this informational website can help.

Help for Any Budget

Here you'll find expert resources for any budget, many not available anywhere else, including:

Articles: Public Management, Wall Street Journal, Economic Development Journal, Chicago Tribune.

Detailed manuals and books in user-friendly style

DVDs and CDs of training presentations

Consulting and contract work.

For answers you need, just click on an underlined phrase below.

1. Market Any Place Smarter

Resources to help any community grow sales, jobs, or tax revenues that might otherwise go elsewhere.

2. Market Special Situations

Resources to market special situations like:

Bypassed rural towns (UNterstate Highways)
Lesser-known tourist towns (Tourist Marketing for the Rest of Us)
Older cities (Selling City Living, Cities of Villages, Hybrid Neighborhoods)
College towns (Third Lifetime Place)
Older business districts (Successful Smaller Downtowns, The Downtown Message)
Tough marketing problems (Marketing Thinking Small).

3. Market Win-Win Solutions

Resources to help market win-win development solutions to support sales, jobs, and tax base.

Market for grant funding from government or foundations.

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